February 25, 2024


Passage: 2 Cor. 3:1-6
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A first-time parent is flooded with suggestions, advice, and even criticism. The experience can be intimidating and deflating because someone who is just starting out on their parenting journey does not really feel qualified to be a parent! It is hard to put a large enough value on having a supportive and helpful community in times like this. But parenting is not the only place we face this kind of uncertainty about our ability or even our value. These questions pervade the deepest parts of our soul. Paul talks about having confidence in our ability to do what we were made to do. He talks about having the ability to accomplish our purpose and being confident about it. As God’s children, these truths are foundational and help us steer clear of some deceptions around us and inside of us about worthy, self-image, and finding our purpose.