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Fall Study

  • IDENTITY – Finding The Way To Know You Have Enough Worth Led By Pastor Mark

    We live out of our value (or our perceived value) all the time. If we are worried that we aren’t a good parent, we live chasing the target of “always doing exactly the right thing” so that the feedback of criticism or blame will never come our way. If we believe that we are a misfit or an outcast, we live pulled back from everyone and everything, or when we do engage, we do it with caution and self-protection. At work, at school, in our relationships, and even in our worship, we bring our own ideas of worth into all that we do. Younger adults often struggle from feeling like a ‘fake’ or ‘fraud’ and run from anything that might expose their façade. Older adults struggle with regret and shame (or with pride and arrogance) based on how they perceive their own accomplishments in life. Every single one of us need to know how to know we have true and lasting worth. We’re going to look at a few of the Satanic traps that wreck people. And we’re going to look at the miraculous way we can find all the value we’ll ever need which can bring stability, contentment, and satisfaction in life.

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Pastor Mark Ott Leading

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