In 2004, we began as a group of about 20 adults meeting in a living room to worship and study God’s Word together. From the start, the Lord burdened our hearts with the need to take the story of God’s redemptive power and apply it to our own lives and to offer it to those who were overwhelmed, crushed, disheartened, and wandering.

The passion we began with stretched our hearts and gave us a way to serve our amazing Lord. We simply prayed for God to lead us and echoed Moses’ request that God would not allow us to go anywhere or do anything unless He was leading us and was with us.

After about 3 months, our group was looking for someplace to meet where we could begin to invite out others. The Friends of Israel ministry in Deptford, NJ graciously allowed us to use their chapel (and warehouse) for six months. In that time, we grew to about 60 attendees.

We then moved to the Almonesson Lake Fire Hall in Deptford where we stayed for about 3 years and grew to about 130 in attendance. In June of 2008, we moved to the Beth Israel Synagogue in Woodbury and shared the building with the members of the synagogue. When that synagogue decided to merge with another, they sold us their building – the place that is now our home!

Through the years there have been changes – kids ministry has grown, youth group began for our teens and is a bundle of energy, we started a young adults ministry and have seen amazing things happen, our music ministry has grown to include over 40 members, we added elders and deacons, small groups, among many other exciting developments. Some things are still exactly the same: we gather and pray before our services, we worship from hearts full of reverence and gratitude, and the foundation of what we do is the earnest study of God’s Word.

We firmly believe that our story has only begun – and we’re thrilled to invite you to be a part of it! Come and see how God can take anything we put in His hands and redeem it beyond our wildest imagination.

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