Pastor Mark

Pastor Mark Ott

Lead Pastor

Pastor Mark Ott has lived in South Jersey all his life, and has been a pastor for almost 20 years. He lives in Clayton with his wife Dana. Pastor Mark and Dana were married in 1991, and they added their four children to the family between 1993 and 1999.

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There is no lack of energy or activity in their home or in their lives. Pastor Mark was part of the group that began Hope Christian Fellowship in 2004 and has been our pastor since the start. His style of ministry is Bible centered and emphasizes the need to depend on God’s power through the Spirit. He is our main teacher, and he serves as the focal leader and shepherd for Hope.

Mark began his professional life as a Mechanical Engineer, but was called into youth ministry after only a few years. He has held many roles in ministry including youth pastor, college group director, worship leader, kid’s ministry director, assistant pastor, and now, senior pastor. He has been in ministry for over 25 years and is looking forward to many more years serving the Lord with the wonderful church family at Hope.

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Church Staff

Daniel Lein

Youth Director

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Dan Lein served for three years as a volunteer in Hope’s youth ministry before stepping into the full-time position as Youth Pastor in August of 2020. He has a passion for teens, particularly shepherding them and their families through the difficult period of growing up.

He is currently studying at Moody Bible Institute online for a Bachelors in Theology and is quite in love with his wife Mackenzie, who also helps lead our Youth Group. They enjoy reading books, walking through small towns, and enjoying a cozy board game together.

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Ryan Moreno

Elementary Children’s Director

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Ryan Moreno has been serving in ministry since 2011, when he took on a leadership role at a youth ministry in Philadelphia. Ryan graduated in 2014 with a BA in Creative Writing and Secondary Education and worked as a High School teacher and a Middle School teacher at different times from 2014-2021. However, he was never satisfied working in the field of education, always filled with a passion for ministry. As a result of this desire, Ryan took on a part-time position as Youth and Sunday School Director at a church in Philadelphia where he worked from 2017-2020.

From 2017-2020 Ryan, still teaching full time and working part-time in ministry, attended Liberty University and graduated with an MDiv in Youth and Family Ministries. Soon after graduating he felt called to his current position as Children’s Pastor here at Hope, passionate about taking charge of children’s biblical education full-time. He currently lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Becky, and his daughter, Juniper, where any time not spent serving in ministry or changing diapers is spent hosting board game nights and BBQs.

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Kara May

Preschool Children’s Director

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Kara May was born and raised in South Jersey and has attended Hope since our very beginning in 2004. From the time she was young, Kara has had a passion for working with and serving children.

As our Assistant Children’s Pastor, she helps to train our team members, encouraging them to become leaders and role models. Kara’s outgoing and warm personality makes adults and children alike feel welcome and comfortable at Hope.

Kara also has a passion for music and enjoys serving on the worship team alongside her husband, Tanner. Together, they look forward to seeing God continue to move in our church as well as in their personal lives as they raise two sons, Bentley and Hayden.

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Dana Ott

Worship Director

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Dana Ott was born in Nashville, Tennessee and grew up in Salem, Oregon. Anyone who knows Dana realizes how fitting it is that she was born in such a musical place. She serves at Hope with her musical abilities each week, leading dozens of people in our worship team ministry.

As our music director, she also oversees the music ministry as a whole, and fills many other roles as our pastor’s wife. Her sweet and gentle spirit coupled with an understanding and compassionate heart is a great blessing to Hope. She can generally be found striking up conversations with new folks or catching up with some dear friends.

When she married Pastor Mark in 1991, she moved to New Jersey and has been here ever since. She loves to bake and cook (and we love that too!) and her artistic eye often shows up in the things that happen at Hope. She has ministered in worship and music ministry for well over 25 years and loves serving the Lord here.

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Kylie Austen

Assistant Worship Director

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Kylie Austen has lived in South Jersey her whole life and has been a part of Hope since its beginning. She graduated from Camden County College in 2013 in Dental Hygiene and currently works as a pediatric dental hygienist part-time. The rest of her time is spent raising three kids and serving on the worship team at Hope. She married her high school sweetheart, Matt, in 2014 and their children, Emmett, Macy and Kade, bring life, joy, and craziness to their home in abundance!

Music has always held a special place in Kylie’s heart. She grew up surrounded by extended family who would sing and play music at gatherings. Unsurprisingly, music is one of the primary ways Kylie connects with our Heavenly Father. She started writing her own music in middle school and naturally stepped into leading worship in school and youth services at Hope.

As assistant worship leader, she plays a vital role in preparation for Sunday services as well as leading worship on a regular basis. God has given her a passion to lead God’s people into His presence through worship. She brings life and energy (and probably coffee!) wherever she goes and brings a ton of joy to the Hope family.

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Emily Dilorenzo

Communications Director

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Emily DiLorenzo has been a part of Hope since 2004, when she began attending as a teenager. Since then, she’s served in multiple areas such as worship team, online communications, and young adults, among others. Outside of ministry, she worked as an executive administrative assistant for eight years.

God created a “more than we could ask or imagine” opportunity for Emily to combine her passion for Hope with her administrative skills. She began officially working for the church in summer of 2017 as Pastor Mark’s administrative assistant. Over the years her role has evolved and she is now the director of communications, overseeing nearly all of the information that goes out to our Hopers through the website, social media, announcements, newsletters, etc.

Emily and her husband, Drew, serve together on the worship team. When they aren’t at church, you can find them enjoying time with their son Maverick.

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Mike Hartwell

Mike Hartwell | Elder

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Mike Hartwell
Bob Baumiester | Leadership Team

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Our church is under the spiritual guidance and authority of a Leadership Team, primarily comprised of the men who have been appointed as elders.

Our elders strive to seek the Lord’s direction in every decision and to be faithful in serving the church family.

This is because they take the ultimate responsibility as leaders of our church and are accountable to the Lord as described in Hebrews 13:17.

The qualifications for these men are found in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5.

We are grateful for these men who God has placed as our spiritual leaders.

Reach out to them with any questions and concerns you may have about our church:

Damon Briggs

Damon Briggs | Elder

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Damon Briggs
Brian Ball | Leadership Team

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