March 17, 2024

An Unveiled View

Passage: 2 Cor. 3:12-18
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If you wear glasses – even sunglasses – you may notice from time to time that you can’t see as well as you need to because the lenses have become dirty. It is ironic that something that is specifically supposed to help improve your vision can become the very reason that your vision is diminished. Paul talks about the same idea spiritually as he continues to compare the New Covenant with the Old. In this passage, he uses the picture of the veil that Moses wore over his glowing face after Mt. Sinai to say that the Israelites didn’t see God clearly in the Mosaic Covenant because what was supposed to help them see became a barrier for them to see God clearly. Now, as believers, we have the veil removed. That means we can live like we see and be transformed as children of God.