Hope Notes 02/21/2024

February 22, 2024
Hello Hoper,
Emily here, filling in for my Mom who had an unexpected health setback this past week. She is good, but prayers for continued recovery are always welcome! We’ve had an “eventful” past two weeks in our family with various sicknesses and health issues popping up left and right. I know many families (especially with little kids) are under the heaviness of this cold & flu season right now, too. I was talking to a friend about the frustration I was feeling with hopping from one illness to the next – never feeling like I could get “back on my routine” – when she said something convicting. She shared that when her kids get sick, it’s a reminder that she was never in control to begin with. Oof. Our schedules and routines certainly do lure us into a false sensation of control, don’t they? Watching my family fall apart around me caused a striking realization that I never held their health to begin with. Perhaps I had put my false sense of control up on an altar – making an idol out of my plans, my expectations, and even our health. This weekend Pastor Mark preached about surrender and our worship set was focused on acknowledging that God is the one in control. I found myself singing the words as a cry – I want to trust you Lord! – I actually do want you to be in control. As Pastor Mark referenced in his prayer, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.” These moments of sickness are opportunities to reject the idol I’ve formed and turn to God and say “help my unbelief.” And that’s my prayer for you, too, Hoper. That whatever things you have placed on the altar of control, that you would open your hands and submit it to Him. He’s the one holding it anyway.

With an open heart and hands… Emily


Competence (2 Cor. 3:1-6)

A first-time parent is flooded with suggestions, advice, and even criticism. The experience can be intimidating and deflating because someone who is just starting out on their parenting journey does not really feel qualified to be a parent! It is hard to put a large enough value on having a supportive and helpful community in times like this. But parenting is not the only place we face this kind of uncertainty about our ability or even our value. These questions pervade the deepest parts of our soul. Paul talks about having confidence in our ability to do what we were made to do. He talks about having the ability to accomplish our purpose and being confident about it. As God’s children, these truths are foundational and help us steer clear of some deceptions around us and inside of us about worthy, self-image, and finding our purpose.

Join us at 6:30 for hot coffee and a sweet treat before heading into our studies at 7:00. We’ll have HopeKids programs for all ages, as well as a study for Hope Youth, and several adult classes rolling out over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back for full descriptions!

  • UNSTUCK: How to Live in the Freedom Jesus Gives, Led by Pastor Mark through 2/28
  • CONQUERING CODEPENDENCY: Led by Pastor Dan through 3/13

THE CHOSEN – MOVIE NIGHTS: March 6th & 13th 
Join us for these two special Wednesday nights! We’ll have hot, fresh popcorn plus other yummy snacks while we gather together to watch an episode of “The Chosen!” On March 6th we’ll watch “Invitations” about Nicodemus, and on March 13th we’ll watch “I Am He” about the Woman at the Well. Both are outstanding episodes on their own, so even if you’ve never watched any of the series, you’ll still enjoy these! And like our normal Wednesday nights, there will still be HopeKids! programs for all ages!

If you’re volunteering on a Sunday morning, whether its greeting, HopeKids!, in the sound booth, etc., please join us for a team prayer huddle! We want to gather together everyone who is serving to pray for the services. Meet at 8:40 in the GoZone!

Anyone can join us Sunday mornings at 8:30 in Pastor Mark’s office to pray for that morning’s services. Contact Bob Baumiester for more information (rbaumiester@gmail.com).


EASTER SUNDAY: Three service times!
We’re gearing up for our biggest Sunday of the year! And did you know our growth is up by 23% since last year!? Praise God for all the new folks coming through our doors! With that in mind, we are planning three identical services for Easter Sunday at 8:00, 9:30, & 11:00. Mark your calendars now and start inviting family & friends!

SPRING SPRUCE-UP: Help us get ready for Easter!
Join us on Saturday, March 9th at 10:00am to help spruce-up the outside of our church. We’ll be doing basic landscaping like weeding, planting flowers, and tidying up our property so that we’re fresh and welcoming for Easter! Many hands make light work, so sign-up in the lobby to help for as long as you’re able. Any questions, contact Ken Blythe.

Missing an item? Make sure to check our Lost & Found bin at the back of the auditorium right next to the sound booth! We’ve acquired a collection of items separated from their owners so be sure to grab what’s yours before the end of the month — after that, they’ll get donated!

Help support one of our missionary families, the Frankeas, by providing housing during their upcoming stay over the summer. Josh, Jackie, and their son Caleb will need a place to stay from June 20th until July 29th. If you have, or know someone who has, a place for them please contact Josh!

Are you looking for a way to get connected by serving? How about jumping in on our Sunday morning coffee team? We’ve been growing these past few months and would like to offer coffee throughout the entirety of both services! We’re looking for 4-6 folks who might want to help out with our second service. All our teams work on a rotation and we’ll get you fully trained – it’s a super simple way to serve, but is a vital part of creating a ‘warm welcome’ here at Hope. Please fill out a Volunteer Card and mark it “coffee team” or contact Dana at danaott@hopechristianfellowhip.org with questions or for more information.

BAPTISM: March 20th at 7:00
Baptism is an important symbolic opportunity to declare your testimony, and decision to follow Christ, in front of the church body! We’d love you to participate if this is something you’ve yet to do in your journey of faith. To participate, you’ll need to attend two classes – Wednesdays March 6th & 13th at 7:00. Sign-up at the front of the auditorium now! Any questions can be directed to Pastor Mark.

HOPEKIDS! MINISTRY: Be a part of our growth!
Hoper, did you know that our church’s attendance has increased by over 20% in the past year? And this isn’t just in our auditorium – this includes our littlest Hopers, too! Our kids ministry has seen astronomical growth over the past six months and we want you to join us for this exciting next season in HopeKids! We have three main opportunities to serve: Sunday morningsWednesday evenings, and week days. If you want to invest in the eternal lives of our little ones, there is certainly a place for you! Join our team by filling out this form, and Pastor Ryan or Kara will be in touch with you.

Looking for an opportunity to support our HopeKids! Ministry? Check out our new Donation Board outside of the GoZone! This is an easy way to make a big difference in our children’s experience each week. Stop by and “shop” the board — choose an item to donate, grab a slip off the board, and be sure to drop your donation off in the HopeKids! baskets in the kitchen! Check out this donation link for ways to donate directly from Amazon!

We are on the lookout for a future church location and would love your help! If you have suggestions, resources, or information on a potential place for the future home of Hope, contact Bob Baumiester! We appreciate your leads.

Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 6:30 
The Young Adults ministry at Hope is a group of post-high school through their twenties adults truly seeking to explore life, engage culture, and empower change while remaining ground in the Word of God. Any questions, contact Brian & Wendy Ball at briwensean@aol.com

All teens 6th-12th grades are invited to join us on Sunday evenings from 6:00-8:00p for fellowship, fun, and study! Any questions? Contact Youth Director, Dan Lein

In a contentious age of conflicting opinions and snappy arguments it can be difficult to know what you believe, but as you grow and enter adulthood it becomes more and more evident that, whether it is strong or not, your faith is your own, and no one else’s. In this series Hope Youth will look throughout the narrative of the Bible and see how God’s people have owned their faith throughout history and what exactly they had faith in. Through this teens will see and learn the power of ownership, in their work, relationships, and faith.

On Wednesday nights Hope Youth jumps feet first into the Word of God and practices prayer and Biblical study. We are going chapter by chapter through the book of Psalms and hone the key skills of Bible study that will help teens read on their own for the rest of their lives! It’s a great opportunity to connect through the Word with fellow teens, recharge in the middle of the week, and grow as a believer!

Parents, stay up to date with everything happening on our calendar here!

Stay in the loop for all of the most important notifications! Text “”hopeyouth” to (856) 420-6078 to start receiving updates this week!

Easter Jam is an eggscellent event for all of our HopeKids! (infants through 5th grade!) WonderZone & GoZone kids (and their grown-ups) are invited to attend on March 23rd, from 10:00-noon to hear the good news of Easter, do an outdoor egg hunt, and enjoy a variety of other exciting Easter activities! Sign up each child here, and join us in celebrating the greatest event in history—Christ’s resurrection!

We offer childcare and classes from our littlest Hopers to our 5th graders every Sunday morning at both services. Each classroom is staffed with friendly, enthusiastic, background-checked team members to ensure your child’s safety. Our WonderZone! serves our youngest children from infants through Pre-K, who are full of wonder about who God is!  K-5th graders gather in the GoZone! where we GO for God, GO for growth and GO forever.

HOPEKIDS! HANGOUT: Sundays from 6:00-8:00p
Come to HopeKids! Hangout for games, snacks, and Bible study! We’re digging deep into the Bible with our new series, “The Heart of God.” Each week we will be reading different passages from Scripture on a quest to learn more about the character and nature of our Creator, and reinforcing those lessons with activities and games to go along with it. If you have a K-5th grader in your sphere of influence, draw them nearer to God by sending them to HopeKids! Hangout!

Each week we will be looking back at our Bible story from Sunday morning in a new way and doing fresh activities to reinforce our monthly theme. Plus, we’ll be storing God’s Word in our hearts by learning and practicing a new Bible verse every week—so you won’t want your kids to miss a single Wednesday!

The Nursery team is excited to love on your little ones (0-2), while our Preschool (3-5) team dives into an Alphabet Scripture Memory study! Every week they will learn a new Bible Verse, and each week they return with their verse memorized, they’ll earn a letter to attach to their Scripture Sash! Your kids will want to join us every Wednesday night to plant God’s Word in their hearts, earn all of their letters, have fun building a foundation of faith, and even have a chance to connect with our GoZone kids every week!

For any questions about HopeKids! Ministry contact us at: kids@hopechristianfellowship.org