Hope Notes Correction

August 16, 2023

Good Evening Hoper,  
This morning’s Hope Notes included an incorrect message description for this upcoming weekend. This Sunday, Pastor Dan will be teaching a word from Psalm 139 & Revelation 3. Read his sneak-peek below, and we’ll see you for worship on Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30! -Emily 

Open the Door
(Psalm 139, Revelation 3:14-20)

Jesus is persistently knocking on the door to the hearts of believers and unbelievers, wanting to be a part of our daily lives and struggles. To open that door, though, and truly invite God inside, we must be vulnerable, and not just at the point of salvation but every day of our lives. King David struggled to be vulnerable, yet by realizing and reviewing God’s very nature he was able to open himself fully to the Lord. Let’s investigate how David did this, and how we too can be vulnerable with God, open the door to His Son daily, and deepen our relationship with the King of Kings.