Hope Notes 03/04/2020

March 4, 2020

DEAR FRIENDS OF HOPE ~     I was reading a short bio on someone and they referred to themselves as a ‘visual storyteller’.  “What on earth is that?” I wondered.  I finally figured out they were a photographer.  For some reason, this really annoyed me.  Why do we have to make up fancy names for something that already has a perfectly good name?  I used to work in Personnel, but now we call it Human Relations or HR.  My mom carried a pocketbook; I carry a purse, but now I hear that bag is the current description.  My husband gives away his age when he refers to jeans as dungarees.  We no longer have garbage men, we have sanitation engineers.  I could go on and on.  (Someone stop me, please!) Obviously, there are some terms that are no longer in use because they have been deemed derogatory or racist.  This is a good thing.  But so many other names change simply due to trends or because a celebrity coined a catchy phrase. I think this evolution of names bothers me because it implies the original name wasn’t good enough. 
     This is not the case with the Name above all Names, that of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  “Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name…”  (Philippians 2:9) His name is absolutely good enough, even though He is referred to by many different names in Scripture:  Messiah (John 4:26), Lamb of God (John 1:29) The Word (John 1:1), Good Shepherd (John 10:11), King of Kings (1 Timothy 6:15), Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6), and many more.  His names are a description of who He is and what He does.  Don Stewart has a fairly concise statement regarding the name Jesus Christ: “Jesus Christ is both a name and a title. Jesus was a common first century name meaning, ‘the Lord saves.’ Christ is the Greek form of the Hebrew word for ‘Messiah.’ Jesus is the Messiah – the anointed one. The title Christ eventually became part of His name. When the title Lord is added to Jesus Christ it refers to His Deity as well as His name and title.”  See the difference? His name has not been changed over time to reflect a current standard. His name has many variations but they were all used in Scripture to show His characteristics.  We didn’t suddenly decide to call Jesus by some trendy, current day name.  His name remains the same and so does He.  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  (Hebrews 13:8)
SUNDAY MORNING MESSAGE – Forgetting Frogs (Exodus 7:25-8:15)
Have you ever been surfing channels on your car radio and accidentally come across a favorite song from long ago?  Even though you’ve listened to it many times over, you thoroughly enjoy listening to it again.  Maybe you even turned the radio up to get the full experience.  Knowing every word doesn’t make the song boring; instead, it lets you embrace the song to the fullest. But not everything in our lives is fun to relive.  Some experiences you’d rather never relive.  And others that seem good at first turn bitter over time.  As we begin the repetitious story of plague after plague, we should learn what Pharaoh refused to learn.  The misery that accompanies some experiences is there to teach us that we don’t want to resist or fight against the Lord.  Even the counterfeits that we trusted before seem less and less convincing.  Pharaoh tries to forget the lessons of his experience, but just sets himself up for harder times to come.

Sunday’s worship service is available on CD immediately following the service for FREE. Pick up a copy for yourself or for anyone you would like to share Hope with.  Pastor Mark’s messages are also available on our website: www.hopechristianfellowship.org and on YouTube “Hope Christian Fellowship”.

SUNDAY MORNING PRAYER TIME – 8:30 Pastor Mark’s Office 
Do you have a heart for prayer? Our Sunday morning prayer time is open to everyone. We pray for the services that morning and for the needs in the church. If you would like to participate, just show up!  “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20)  PRAYER HUDDLE – 8:40 to 8:45 for Both Services
The prayer huddle is open to anyone who would like to come pray – but it is specifically intended for those who are serving on that Sunday.  So if you’re scheduled to be in kids’ ministry, greeting, in the tech booth, on worship team, or any other ministry role for a given Sunday, join us at 8:40 sharp in the 1st & 2nd Grade classroom to pray together for God’s power in each of us.  We can do all things through Christ, and nothing of worth without Him, so let’s come together each Sunday to ask for God’s Spirit to fill us and use us!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY 7:00 – 8:15 Resumes Wednesday, March 11th!
Join us for our study in the book of Ephesians.  This book is a beautiful revelation of the Church and the spiritual blessings we have in Christ Jesus. Paul explains the mystery of the church and gives practical insight into living as believers.

“Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known, in wrath remember mercy.”
Find our Small Group sheets on our website under Resources.

YOUNG ADULTS – First & Third Tuesdays @ 7:00 in Youth Room 
Come join us for food and fellowship and study Open to anyone who has graduated high school up through their twenties. Contact:Dave Hallahan at dmhallahan5@gmail.com

GOD’S GIRLS WOMEN’S GROUP – First & Third Mondays at 6:30 in the Youth Room
Come and join the women of Hope as we encourage and support each other.  We have a breakfast the second Saturday of every month at th Hollywood Diner @ 9:00 am.  We encourage everyone to come on out – especially if you aren’t able to make it to the Monday night meetings!
All women are welcome to attend! For information, contact Mary Lebeau 856-316-6301 (call or text) or marylebeau@verizon.net

MEN’S BREAKFAST 8:00 – 9:30 am 2nd Saturday of Every Month
Come and join us for a delicious breakfast and a good time of fellowship/sharing with the men of Hope.  Feel free to bring a friend!  Open to men 18 and older.HOPE YOUTH MINISTRY 
YOUTH GROUP – Sundays from 6:00 – 8:00 
Our middle school and high school groups meet right here at church! Come out for another amazing year as we grow closer together and closer to God!  Current Series – (dis)CONNECTED.Between our phones, tablets, and computers we are able to stay connected to people and events all over the world.  But is it possible that this untethered access it too much of a good thing?
Follow us on Social Media:  Twitter and Instagram  @hcf_hopeyouth and  Facebook.com/hcfhopeyouth

Go Zone is our Sunday Morning kid’s service, planned especially for K-5th graders. Our goal is to encourage the kids to live with their focus on “GOing for GOD, GOing for GROWTH, and GOing FOREVER!” This service includes worship, games, and exploring important biblical truths in fun and creative ways before heading off to Sunday school. Follow HopeKids! Ministries on Facebook at: facebook.com/HCFHopeKid

K-5th Grade Bible Study and Epic Hangout Time
Join us for a study of God’s word, snacks, video games, theme nights and epic skits!  
We averaged $9363 per week for the month of February, bringing our annual average for 2020 to $9241 per week. This is slightly behind our annual weekly giving target of $9400 per week, so we’re trusting the Lord to provide through our faithful giving and sacrifice as we move forward through the year.
For our HVAC projects special giving, our total now stands at $63,731 raised toward our total target of $65,000. 

In order to accommodate the large number of people we have attending on Easter Sunday, we are offering THREE services this year at 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30!  Pick the one that best suits your family and come enjoy the celebration of our Risen Savior! 

Our church will be serving breakfast with Seeds of Hope Ministries, Saturday April 4th at 8:15 am. The breakfast is served at the Volunteers of America, 555 Atlantic Ave Camden. Anyone interested please sign up in the lobby. All volunteers are welcomed to bring seasonal clothing or toiletry donations the morning of as well. Any additional information please reach out to Stacy Reid, 856.294.7324 or sreid0905@gmail.com.

Fellow Hopers – we have a member who is requesting hand-me-down 2T girl’s clothing (spring/summer)for his granddaughter whose single mom was baptized here at Hope. If you are able to help with this, please leave the clothes in the far back corner of the kitchen by the Food Pantry.   

Come on out and enjoy the fresh air and fellowship that comes with playing on a church league! We will be teaming up with Pitman Methodist Church.  Season starts April 13th and runs through June.  Games are weeknights with the exception of Wednesdays (6:30, 8:00, and 9:30). Open to anyone 16 years old and up.

SIGNUP SUNDAY (Formerly Job  Fair) – Sunday, March 15th
Each year, we take a few minutes on a Sunday morning and invite Hopers to signup as volunteers in one of our ministries.  If you’ve been on the sidelines for any reason, we want to encourage you to take a step forward into serving.  Any role, no matter how big or small, is important in what God is doing at Hope.  So towards the end of each service, we’ll spend a few minutes talking about opportunities and then direct you towards those who can answer any questions and get you signed up to serve in the role(s) that best fits you!

BOWLING – Sunday, March 8th from 4:30 – 6:30 pm – This Sunday!
Join us at Bowlero (Formerly Brunswick Zone) located at 1328 Delsea Dr, Deptford Township, NJ 08096.  Cost is only $5/person.  Come and bowl, come just to cheer folks on, come for the fellowship!  We need to let Bowlero know how many lanes we need, so please make sure to sign up in the lobby.
HOPEKIDS! EASTER EGG HUNT Saturday, April 4th 10:00 am – 12:00 pm RAIN OR SHINE!
Join us for a fun-filled morning of songs, games, and an Easter egg hunt!  This event is for our Pre-K, Toddlers, and Nursery-aged HopeKids! along with their parents or guardians.  Please RSVP at the registration table by March 29th or by contacting Kara May at karajoellxo@gmail.com.  Open to all children ages 5 and under. 

BAPTISM SERVICE Wednesday, March 4th @ 7:00 pm – Tonight!!
Make sure you come out tonight for this powerful and encouraging service that is like no other!  When else do we have the privilege of listening to the testimony of those who have decided to take this public step of being washed clean and made new in Christ?!  It’s also a way to support and encourage those who are being baptized.  See you there!

Hope is now on Amazon Smile! Through this program, Amazon donates .5% of your purchases to support our ministry. It costs you nothing and is an easy way to contribute to Hope. Simply visit smile.amazon.com and select our organization and proceed to shop as normal! 

There are so many places to connect and serve here at Hope. There truly IS ‘something for everyone’ and we want to make it easy for you to know all the different options!  You can go to our website (hopechristianfellowship.org), click on ‘Going Deeper’, and you will see all our ministries and the various teams they have. You can also check out our Ministry and Service Opportunities brochure (on the glass tables).  Keep your eye on this section as we post any pressing needs.

Ushers 9:00 ——Rick Ayusa
Ushers 11:00 —–Tom Albright
Counters ———-Damon Briggs, Bill Berry
Greeters ———–Irene Ridell, Pat Keith, Charlotte Zediker, Jeanne Wurst

If you have a prayer request, please fill out a prayer request card and drop it in one of the Card Boxes located at the front of the auditorium (you can find the prayer request cards there) or use the “Contact Us Form” on our website: http://www.hopechristianfellowship.org/contact/.
If you have any questions or would like to join the Prayer Team, please contact Hap Cunningham: hapcunn01@gmail.com.
PLEASE NOTE: We would greatly appreciate it if you could keep the team updated on your request. Situations can resolve or change for the better/worse. Praises are always welcome!  This will help our team know best how to pray for you.

His Name Saves,