Monday Morning Pastor – 5/21/17

May 22, 2017
Note: Each week we will have a guest writer who will share a few of their personal thoughts on Sunday’s sermon. Unlike Monday Morning Quarterbacking, from which this series gets its name, we aren’t looking to critique so much as share how we have been personally impacted. This week’s post comes from Melissa McGinness.

Title: The Rich Man & Lazarus
Passage: Luke 16:19-31

I will never forget the “why” behind my choice for Jesus to live and dwell in me.  I had been witnessed to by many individuals, but the last individual did so with a simple statement.  “Melissa do you believe in God?”  I replied, “Yes,  I know all about God”.  She responded, “The devil knows all about God, too, however he decided against what God had for us and is in hell eternally”.

This Sunday we learned from the parable in Luke where Jesus describes two very different individuals, the Rich Man and Lazarus.  The Rich Man with a life seemingly abundant, not a care in the world and Lazarus with a life seemingly lacking and every care in the world, each faced with the same choice as I had been given.  Would they live this life as if it is all there is or live this life as if this is the proving ground for the life to come?  The Rich Man chose to live for this life and while living it abundantly faced an afterlife of death.  Lazarus suffered in this life, and chose to live humbly facing an afterlife of abundant life.

I came home after the service Sunday and watched an identical story play out in the life of a former NFL Quarterback, Ryan Leaf.  Gifted and talented in the sport of football he was always praised and even carried off the field to cheers for his efforts.  The feeling of superiority went to his head and soon the castle he and others built around him crumbled in public displays of outrageous behavior, poor performance on the field, injuries, drug use and ultimately jail for burglary to feed his habit.  Left with nothing, he was encouraged to begin serving others in jail.   He has fully recovered from drugs, is out of jail and is now helping addicts with their own recovery.  He summed it up beautifully, “I went from making 5 million dollars a year and playing in the NFL and miserable to making 15 dollars an hour and counseling those recovering from drug abuse and I’ve never been happier”.

Before we knew the consequences of their choices we would likely have chosen the life of the Rich Man; a life of comfort or even the life of a revered and celebrated pro football player.  It isn’t a normal part of our fleshly existence to choose the lesser, the harder or to go without.  Jesus showed us in no uncertain terms that this life is not worth living for rather this life is worth dying for to gain an eternity and abundant life with him.

When given the choice what would you choose?


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