Monday Morning Pastor – 1/15/17

January 16, 2017
Note: Each week we will have a guest writer who will share a few of their personal thoughts on Sunday’s sermon. Unlike Monday Morning Quarterbacking, from which this series gets its name, we aren’t looking to critique so much as share how we have been personally impacted. This week’s post comes from Eric Riddell.

Title: Judging Others
Passage: Luke 6:37-42

This morning, I had the opportunity to serve on the tech team, which means I also had the privilege of hearing Pastor Mark bring the message of Jesus’ words twice. God obviously wanted me to hear it twice. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of not judging others, however sermon served as a much-needed reminder.

Since starting the series on the words of Jesus, we have been continually challenged on how we are living this thing called the Christian life. Today Pastor Mark shared that the church is often viewed as a very judgmental and a condemning community. We need to be a place where we are not judging others, while also maintaining the ability to speak truth. We need to see things through the eyes of a redeeming, gracious, loving father.

The thought, “Who am I to judge,” stirs up many different emotions because there are many times my flesh says I’m justified in my passing judgement on a situation. We say things like “I’m being treated unfairly at work so I’ll talk about management and blame them;” “my marriage is struggling because my spouse is not paying attention to me.” Or I find reasons to blame my kids; my neighbors; my finances and the list goes on and on.

So we pass the blame and judge others. However, we need to realize that as we point a finger there are three pointing back at us. We should be spending three times the amount of time evaluating the situation before we pass judgment on others.

Pastor Mark described it as the ‘Bounce Back Principle.’ The way we treat others, judgmental or forgiving; condemning or merciful, is the way others will treat us. He gave three rules to keep in mind before we judge others. 1) When are we to speak up about a situation? When God has been absolutely clear about the situation. 2) Do I have the standing to speak up? Since I’m a dad, I have the right to speak into my kid’s lives. However, I don’t have a right to tell someone else’s child on how to behave. And 3) we can’t judge the heart, or motivations, of others. In almost every situation we don’t know what the person is feeling. So for us to pass judgement is to put us in a position of authority. And who is the only one who has the right and authority to judge people? Right. Not us.

I need to practice not judging and condemning, but rather focus on forgiving and giving. Jesus shares a humorous illustration with sawdust and planks. How many times have I walked around with a plank in my eyes while pointing out the specs of dust in others’ eyes? Too many if I’m honest. But I’m thankful for God’s grace in those times. And I’m thankful for reminders like today, only in true humility can I share with a fellow brother or sister and point them to the truth of Jesus’ words.


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