January 24th Services Canceled

January 23, 2016

Hey Hopers!

Well, we held out as long as we thought we could, but we’re going to cancel services for tomorrow. That means we will be holding our job fair NEXT Sunday (January 31st) as well as our bowling event (time changed to 3-5 pm).

While it seems that the storm may end earlier than at first anticipated, there are a few factors that played into this decision. First, the sheer volume of snow makes it a monumental task to clear out our own lot. Plus, we are situated in a neighborhood, so it make take a little while for those streets to get plowed. In addition, there are significant winds which will tend to re-cover roads with snow. And the temperatures are forecast to be quite low overnight, meaning there will probably be a lot of ice on the roads, plowed or not. With all that considered, we believe it is better to cancel all our services for Sunday.

Next Sunday, we’ll pick up our story in Esther and talk about “Being God’s Answer”. If you can’t wait till then, join us Wednesday night as we continue our study on the End of the World. (Don’t forget your donations for Camden Outreach for Wednesday night.) Of course, the kids have tons of fun stuff planned too, so don’t let them miss out!

I am planning to send out a devotional thought late tonight via Hope Notes so that you can spend a little time with the Lord tomorrow morning!

Be safe… stay warm… help others… and we’ll see you all soon

Pastor Mark