January 22, 2016
Dear Friends of Hope ~
We are still pending on our decision for the Sunday service – we will send out an announcement via Hope Notes and social media once we make a call on that.  However, we had to make a call today on the bowling event and we have made the decision to postpone it to the following Sunday (Jan 31st). This means that we need to change the time of the event: it will now be from 3-5 pm.  All other details remain the same.
Please let us know if this change affects your ability to come; just hit ‘reply’ and give us your name so that we can take you off the list.   We need to update our headcount to the bowling alley.  We are so sorry if this change means you will not be able to join us! Trusting that God will still give us a packed bowling alley and lots of fun no matter what!
Thank you,