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Our Needs Ministry is composed of several teams: our Prayer Team, Meals Ministry Team, Pantry Team, Helping Hands Team, Card Ministry Team, Missions Team, and our Visitation Team.

Those with a heart of prayer are invited to join our Prayer Team. We have an ongoing prayer requests list with regular updates sent out via email. You may also come as you are able to our prayer time on Sunday mornings at 8:30am.

Our Meals Ministry Team takes turns making meals for individuals or families at church as special circumstances arise.

Our food pantry provides basic groceries for families in need. Donations are received from the church body and managed by our Pantry Team.

Members of our Helping Hands Team volunteer their services as needs arise for those who are unable to do them, such as car rides, lawn mowing, leaf raking, minor home repairs, etc.

Our Cards Ministry Team is responsible for sending birthday cards, sympathy cards, get well cards, etc.

Our Missions Team endeavors to keep Hope connected with our missionaries by updating the mission bulletin boards and communicating regularly with each missionary. They also organize support for individual local and international mission projects throughout the year.

Finally, our Visitation Team seeks to bring encouragement, comfort and hope to individuals or families of the church currently involved in a healthcare situation, reminding them they are not alone as they face these challenging moments. Visitation may be in homes, hospitals, or rehab centers and can be immediate when a medical crisis arises, or prearranged in situations involving pre- or post-surgical care, or during extended illnesses or hospice care.

Needs Ministry Captain:

Contact Chick Dougherty here.

Prayer Team:

Contact Hap Cunningham here.

Meals Ministry Team:

Contact Karen Blythe here.

Pantry Team:

Contact Kathy Cunningham here.

Helping Hands Team:

Contact Chick Dougherty here.

Card Ministry Team:

Contact Lorraine Otis here.

Missions Team:

Contact Stacy Reid here.

Visitations Team:

Contact John McCarson here.

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