Help make hospitality happen at Hope!

Our Hospitality team is responsible for several things at Hope:

Members of our Greeters Team are the first faces people see when they come to Hope. Their mission is to make them feel welcome and informed.

Our Events Team meets monthly to organize and host our many events, like Fellowship Events (Trunk or Treat, Cafe, Picnic, Bowling, etc.), Special Events (Weddings, Funerals, private parties using our facilities), and Sacred Events (Communion, Baptisms, Christmas Eve).

Our Coffee Team helps set up and tear down our coffee bar on Sunday mornings, and our Kitchen Team helps keep our church kitchen clean and fully stocked.

Greeters Team:

Contact Emily DiLorenzo here.

Events Team:

Contact Bunny Dougherty here.

Coffee Team:

Contact Lisa Minner here.

Kitchen Team:

Contact Dana Ott here.

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