Help maintain the House of the Lord!

Our Facilities Team meets monthly to coordinate and manage the maintenance and repair of our church building, our church van, and any other equipment needing regular care.

Our Access/Alarm Response Team manages keys and alarm security codes. Members of this team need to live locally to our facilities in order to allow entrance & exit to the building. This team also responds to alarms and checks the building to see if police need to be notified and dispatched to the church facility.

Our Set-Up Team helps set up for our special events like Trunk or Treat, our church picnic, cafe, weddings, baptisms and more.

Our Landscape Team is in charge of planting flowers, removal of weeds, mulching, leaf removal and trimming branches. They also work to keep the church grounds clear of trash and debris.

Our Special Projects Team will work on various projects throughout the year as they come up. These projects will be anything that’s beyond the normal maintenance & repair of the building.

Finally, our Sunday Building Check Team is in charge of executing our pre-service checklist: making sure the building is generally neat and clean, picking up and taking out trash, making sure bathrooms are in order and supplies are stocked for each service. Any major problems are reported to the Building Ministry Captain. This Sunday Building Check Team typically operates between services and after the second service, and usually only need to check prior to the first service when an event has occurred during the week prior.

Facilities Team Captain:

Contact Mike Hartwell here.

Access/Alarm Response Team:

Contact Rob Jacoby here.

Set-Up Team:

Contact Mike Hartwell here.

Landscape Team:

Contact Mike Hartwell here.

Special Projects Team:

Contact Mike Hartwell here.

Sunday Building Check Team:

Contact Mike Hartwell here.

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