February 4, 2024


Passage: Eph. 5:8-17; John 10:22-30; Exodus 34:11-16
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It seems like night driving has become increasingly difficult because, ironically, the trend of intensely bright headlights makes it harder for drivers to see. While the debate rages on about whether the authorities should or will do anything about this, there is no argument over whether or not it matters.  Seeing the road is vitally important – literally a matter of life and death. While it is obvious that operating a high speed vehicle demands vision, many Christians don’t understand the same principle in their own lives. We need to see the road in our lives so that we make deliberate choices about where we’re heading.  Too often, we respond to urgency, demand, and desires instead of lifting up our spiritual eyes to see if what we’re doing merits our time and attention. Let’s take this morning to look at a few places in Scripture where we can see this truth in Scripture.