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Use this space for a short introduction that welcomes people to the blog and describes its purpose. Blogs differ from news in that they are often more philosophical, story-focused, or opinion-based. They are a great way to introduce a sermon topic at the beginning of a week or to explain a hard decision to the congregation, for example.

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Hope Notes 03/27/2024

Hello Hoper, How many times do you think we give up on something or someone when God’s blessing is right around the corner? Of course if we KNEW how close the blessing was, we would find it easy to persevere. But that’s not how walking in faith works, is it? I...

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Hope Notes 03/20/2024

Hello Hoper, One of the things my grandson and I have gotten into the habit of doing when we get together is discussing the weather. I know it sounds funny to be talking about the daily forecast with a four-year-old, but it's been interesting to see how the things we...

Hope Notes 03/13/2024

Hello Hoper, The Oxford dictionary describes significance as the quality of being worthy of attention; importance. As you might expect, insignificance is defined as the quality of being too small or unimportant to be worth consideration. No one wants to feel...