Ministry Area Title

Subtitle that expands on what’s included in the ministry area.

Describe the importance of your ministry area with language geared towards visitors here. Every church has a different way of organizing their ministries, such as Children, Youth, and Adult Ministries, so use what works for you. Each of these ministries should get a ministry area page, which will then feature the groups within these ministry areas.

Chrysalis has separate places for Worship and for “Ancillary Ministries” (like a preschool) that have their own independent structures.

Each Ministry Area corresponds to a card on the homepage of the website in the “Get Connected” section. 

Connect to a (Ministry Area) Group

Upcoming (Ministry Area) Events

(Ministry Area) Team

Deborah Adams


333-555-5555 ext. 3

This section could be used similar to the section on the Leadership page, or you might use it to offer a word of welcome and invitation from the ministry leader. People appreciate knowing who to contact about a ministry if they have questions, want to get involved, or need something else.

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Put the second half of your content here. If someone is a volunteer rather than a staff person, that’s a good thing to note since it may mean they aren’t as likely to respond quickly to questions.

Rev. Jack Peters

Job Title

333-555-5555 ext. 4

This is a more condensed staff listing. You can use this style, the larger style, or a mix of the two like displayed here. Your choice.

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Put the second half of the content here. This is where you show the character of the person by listing their hobbies, interests, and associations.

Henry Williams

Job Title

333-555-5555 ext. 44

Contact Me

If you are worried about email spam, turn the email into a Contact Us link that sends people to your main contact form instead of displaying the address.

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You can also add “tel” links and “mailto” links to your contact information to make them more mobile friendly. For Henry’s telephone it would be “tel:333-555-5555,44” which you’d put in the “module link” field. Add extra commas for longer pauses before the extension. If Henry’s email was then you’d put “” in the module link field.


Rebecca McRoberts

Job Title

333-555-5555 ext. 6

It’s OK if your sections end up being different lengths or if they don’t all have three entries. To create a new row, simply duplicate this row.
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However, you can put overflow content down here that’s of different lengths to help you make a strong grid above.

(Ministry Area) Gallery