Hope Notes 6/10/2020

June 10, 2020

Dear Friends of Hope ~I read a verse the other day that stopped me in my tracks. “God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy. But he makes the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.” (Psalm 68:6 NLT)  You know how it is when you read a familiar verse and then suddenly something new pops out of it and hits you between the eyes? That’s what happened with this one!  I’ve read it a number of times, but only the first half seemed to stick.  I didn’t really have loving, functional family growing up and God did indeed give me a family in Him, in my very own family, and in my church family.  I was a ‘prisoner’ bound in chains of sin and darkness.  Yes, He set me free through His Son and brought a prosperity of great joy into my life.  I guess I was so grateful for those first two deliverances that I merely skipped over the last part.  Holy smokes!  Go back and read it again.  Do YOU want to live in a ‘sun-scorched land’? I know I don’t!  Parched, shriveled, and burned doesn’t sound like a very good way to live.  I picture my soul just shriveled up, dry and barren like a desert.  Parched and thirsty.  If that image doesn’t make me want to be sure I don’t rebel against God, then what will?  He is a loving God.  He is a forgiving God.  He is a merciful God with grace abounding for our every failure.  But He is also a just and righteous God.  So take heed.  If you are lonely He will absolutely place you in a family.  If you are imprisoned by any number of things, He will set you free and bring you joy like nothing else.  BUT if you rebel against Him, you know where you will find yourself.  Separated from Him in a ‘sun-scorched land’.  A no man’s land. The badlands if you will. Guard your heart; no one should be foolish enough to think they are immune to rebellion. And that desolate place is not where anyone wants to find themselves.  If you feel you are already in that barren wasteland, reach out to our Father.  He is quick to forgive and pour His grace and mercy over you.  “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1John 1:9)

Tune into Bible Study tonight for some information at the beginning regarding meeting again for services.  We will go live at 7:00 pm on our Facebook and YouTube accounts (as well as on our website streaming page).  You can also watch the video anytime later on either of those social media platforms.

You Need Only to be Still (Exodus 14:1-14)
We don’t believe much in being still. Our lives and our minds are constantly in motion.  But no matter how fast we run or how much we ‘multitask’, we can never seem to get ahead of all there is to do.  Unfortunately, this reality does not deter most of us at all from going at maximum speed, straight into some kind of breakdown.  In our story, Israel has been freed.  But not long thereafter, they find themselves pinned between the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army.  They couldn’t go anywhere.  But when they begin to panic, Moses tells the people that this is exactly what they need for deliverance.  Let’s see if we have as hard of a time believing that we only need to be still.

JUNE CHALLENGE VERSE – Psalm 92:1-2, 4
“It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High, proclaiming your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night. For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord. I sing for joy at what your hands have done.”

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