MMP: Steadfastness over Temptation

July 17, 2017
Note: Each week we will have a guest writer who will share a few of their personal thoughts on Sunday’s sermon. Unlike Monday Morning Quarterbacking, from which this series gets its name, we aren’t looking to critique so much as share how we have been personally impacted. This week’s post comes from Melissa McGinness.

Message: The Temptation of Jesus

Passage: Luke 4:1-13

We live in a world filled with temptation.  Our temptations are constant, ever changing and hard to deny.  We rationalize our selfish desires, believe lies that feel undeniably true, and face destruction as a consequence.

In Sunday’s message from Luke, we read of Jesus who is wandering in the wilderness all alone for 40 days.  As he nears the end of his journey he is tempted by Satan on three separate occasions:

  • In the first meeting, Jesus is hungry.  Satan asks that Jesus produce bread from the stone so that he may be filled.  In essence Satan is saying to Jesus forget the ruler and be your own ruler.  If you want to eat, you should eat.  However, Jesus responds as his father commands that man cannot survive on bread alone.
  • In the second meeting, Jesus is tempted with a trade off.  Satan knows Jesus is destined to be king and yet he offers his own rule in return for Jesus’ worship.  Jesus again responds as his father commands that man will worship the one true God and no other.
  • In the last meeting, Jesus is tempted to test God.  Satan asks that he climb to a high point and throw himself over so that God may save him.  Jesus again responds as his father commands that man shall not test the Lord their God.

While there are so many things to pick up from these passages I found myself drawn to the steadfastness of Jesus.  He stood firm in the plans his father had for him.  He knew that his father could be trusted and that no other offer would measure up.  As I journey through life and my walk with Christ I have found that my steadfastness has grown in the valley where I have been the most vulnerable.   I have met the devil alone and was tempted and I have met the devil with Jesus and the power of the holy spirit guiding and protecting me.  Jesus was alone, he was away from his support system and yet his steadfastness and trust in his father prevailed over temptation.  He endured long suffering and still held tight to the promise.  As we go through this week are we drenched in the holy spirit or are we drenched in our own agenda?  Do we wake up and ask for God’s direction or do we already know what we want our day to be?  Most importantly will we be ready when the next temptation comes or vulnerable to attack?  Let us never forget the battle!

Listen to full sermon here.